Helping New Yorkers in Crisis
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I think my friend may be having mental health issues.
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I want to improve my mental health, I feel stressed out all the time.
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I'm a provider or professional looking for information for my patient.


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1-800-LIFENET 543-3638
1-877-AYUDESE 298-3378
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Interpreters are available for 190+ languages

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A service for NYC Teens.

Now available 24/7/365. Text anytime!

NYC Teen Texting Service is currently only available in English.


LifeLine Crisis Chat is currently only available in English.

Helping New Yorkers In Crisis

LifeNet is New York City's only multicultural crisis center, operating 24/7 with mental health professionals providing free behavioral health assessments, interventions and support in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. LifeNet is the go-to source for New Yorkers seeking information and referrals within the vast and complex behavioral health treatment and social support services network.   

We Promise

To provide New York City residents with 24/7 access to free and confidential:

  • Behavioral health assessments, interventions, and support

  • Information & referrals to mental health and substance abuse treatment programs in NYC

  • Evidence-informed crisis intervention and suicide prevention support

  • Crisis counseling to callers who are in emotional distress and require such an intervention.

Call Lifenet Today


1-800-LIFENET [543-3638]

1-212-982-5284 for TTY


1-877-AYUDESE [298-3373]

八七七 求求你 帮我帮我


Interpreters are available for 190+ languages.

  • "Thank you so much for being a real person and being so real. I was so afraid to call this number. I had no idea you guys would be so kind to me."

    Young woman
    Assisted by Lifenet Hotline
  • “I have never been able to talk about my abuse until now. You have made me feel comfortable and like I can do that here. [sigh]”

    19 Year Old Woman
    Abuse Survivor
  • “Thank you for giving me the time.”

    15 year old girl
  • “You are right. I am not alone.”

    Mother of a young adult
  • “May your life be as pleasant and as helpful as you have been to me.”

    71 year old woman
    Speaking of a Lifenet Counselor
  • “You know it is easy to say the bad things and point out the bad in people. It’s harder to point out the good. I want to thank you for doing that. No one every does that. You really listened and I got the information I needed."

    58 year old man
    After speaking with a Lifenet Counselor